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A unique place at any time of the year, allowing you to enjoy the attractions offered by both the Bystrzyckie lake and its surroundings.

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"Brdy" Cottages

Incredibly atmospheric cottages located on a sunny glade right next to the Bystrzyckie Lakeare finished with wood providing high comfort for Guests. Each Brda consists of a livingroom with a small kitchenette, a bathroom with a shower, and two bedrooms located on thefirst floor. Additionally, each Brda has its terrace, which is the perfect place to spend amoment of relaxation in the sun. Brda in the standard is prepared for four people with amaximum possibility of enlargement to 8 people. Check our current offer:

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We have ten year-round cottages in our resort. They are located in rows at the water lineand connected by a shared terrace overlooking the lake and fabulous landscapes nearby.The cottages provide ideal accommodation for both smaller and larger groups. Eachconsists of a living room with a kitchenette, a bathroom equipped with a shower cabin, andtwo separate bedrooms upstairs. Each has a small independent bathroom. Cottages in thestandard are prepared for four people with a maximum possibility of enlargement to 10people. Check our current offer:

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Small cottages

Our small cottages are enlarged and fully renovated houses from the glory days of the oldWodniak. The wooden huts are located in a clearing opposite the hotel building. Theyconsist of a bedroom and a bathroom. In standard, they are prepared for two persons with amaximum possibility of enlargement to three persons. Check our current offer:

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Holiday atmosphere

Situated in the middle of a beautiful landscape, the Maria Antonina Hotel is the perfect placefor family recreation and business meetings. Check our current packages and visit us in theheart of Lower Silesia.

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